Kim Boberg

Kim Boberg


Summer Home:

Älvdalen, Sweden

Winter Home:

Älvdalen, Sweden

Years with Armada:

13 years

You should give Kim Boberg a follow on Instagram and you’ll see the craziest training routine for skiing in your life. He is dedicated, driven, and more fashion forward with his go to bowl cut than anyone we know. Celebrating a full decade working with us, Kim has always pushed the boundaries from the park, to the street, to the BC and shows no sign of ever slowing down.


Plans for next season

Not 100% right now, but there’s some rough plans for next season, together with The Bunch. I might be hanging with those guys as much as I can, they’re like my family now so I’m super hyped to do some more skiing with them.


The Bunch and Progression

I feel like they made skiing more relatable to more people. It just looks really fun when they ski, even if they hit small stuff, they just make it look so nice and fun. I respect them for that, because I feel that a lot of people got inspired and that’s a good thing.


What do you want Armada to be?

That’s a hard question. I just want Armada to keep its spirit, as it has been. When I was a kid, I saw Armada as this rider-owned brand and just this great team. They kept the team spirit, which I feel is pretty rare with some brands. That’s what I want Armada to keep doing and listening to us and our input. Do projects with us, because then it’s more like a family than a brand. That’s what I want Armada to still be and I think they’re doing a good job with it. Us being here now, in my home resort. It feels amazing and I’m super stoked.

I’ve been on Armada for more than 10 years now and I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.