Titanal layers in the ski add horsepower and torsional strength, however in the tip of the ski, vertical cut-outs filled with an elastic compound layer allow the ski to enter the turn with ease. When the elastic compresses, it harnesses energy and releases for even more power than a traditional Ti layer. _____________________________________ ATB simply means incredible power, smooth turn initiation, and explosive energy.

100% Sidewall

AR100 Sidewall


Caruba Core

Progressive Shape


Declivity X

Uncompromising, directional big mountain charger with modern design attributes.

Unequaled stability and confidence for when it gets steep and deep. When you think big mountain, you think Chamonix. We designed the Declivity X in collaboration with Cham local, Tof Henry, for going fast in the most demanding conditions. 

Tof is known for bringing a freeride approach to faces that used to be off-limits for anything but jump-turns. He needed a strong, stable, and damp skis that could be relied upon no matter what. The AR100 Sidewall and directional rockered tail offer maximum control and stability, while the AR Freeride Rocker & Hybrid Caruba Core ensure the nimble maneuverability needed when the conditions turn on to access exposed and technical terrain.


Declivity 102 Ti

High-performance, directional all-mtn ski rooted in Armada DNA. 

With the hard-charging all-mtn skier in mind, the Declivity 102 Ti took the full-throttle thought process of the Declivity X and applied it to a versatile chassis, specifically built for mixed conditions. A full AR100 sidewall, Articulated Titanal Banding*, a light-weight Caruba core, and triaxial glass produce a ski that is incredibly powerful and perfectly damp; but doesn't carry the weight. A fine-tuned flex profile and a modernized shape create a performance driven all-mtn ski that can hold its own all over, with no speed limit attached.


Declivity 92 Ti

Modern all-mtn ski with serious frontside ambitions.

Built off a platform that excels in any condition, the Declivity 92Ti screams versatility; from ripping high-speed groomers to chopped-up powder. A full AR100 sidewall partnered with our Articulated Titanal Banding* provides confident grip on hardpack and allows power to build in a smooth yet predicable way. Pairing light-weight Caruba with a triaxial glass lay-up we created a high-performance ski that doesn't carry the weight. No matter what the mountain throws at you, from turning and burning on hardpack to sliding down silky pow, this one-ski-quiver will conquer anything on the hill.


Declivity 82 Ti + E Z12 GW

Modern, high-performance on-piste tool.

With pure high-speed frontside performance in mind, the Declivity 82Ti has unmatched stability for the on-trail skier.  Showing a more serious side of Armada it is designed for when conditions are firm, yet a progressive shape profile still allows for excellent versatility.  A full AR100 sidewall provides razor-sharp grip, while our Articulated Titanal Banding lets power build throughout the turn.  A light-weight Caruba core and a short radius further define this ski; this weapon of choice partners an insanely powerful chassis with a short turn-shape to make anyone want to drop a hip and carve it up like a pro.