Somewhere in the West

It’s a classic blue-sky powder day in Utah.

With much of the known ski world a tool for capitalist interests, many ski areas homogenized, bending to the rule of mega corporations and added to their portfolios, social media and the internet exposing every nook and cranny of the earth, it’s no surprise that I find myself in this place. Out there looking for a glimpse of the old west. Someplace overlooked by others. Someplace weird and lonesome. Using my skis simply as a tool for exploration, a chance to investigate an obscure landscape up close. In the heart of the winter, under a blanket of snow, the noble desert reveals things to me that I didn’t intend to find. In this case, some damn fine skiing.

The Plateau Province

Free from “the pen” now,

Tracer 118 CHX

The Tracer 118 CHX is our ultimate Big Mountain performer. Elf Shoe Technology in the nose and a slight tail rocker keep things surfy, but this ski is designed with big boy terrain in mind, integrating Adaptive Mesh to absorb and power through any snow condition.

 For 19/20 we paired an even lighter Poplar-Caruba wood core to a larger fiberglass package to further decrease weight and add durability. Titanal reinforcement underfoot and AR 75 Sidewall construction keep the ski damp and powerful for when you need it most.

Tracer 108

Even though the Tracer 108 is firmly focused on outstanding downhill performance, we’re always searching for the perfect combination of weight reduction and stability in this category. That’s why for 19/20 we paired an even lighter Poplar-Caruba wood core to a larger fiberglass package resulting in further decreased weight and added durability. 

The Tracer 108 ups the performance ante with dampening Adaptive Mesh, Titanal Reinforcement underfoot and AR 75 Sidewall construction to create just the right feel whether used by freeriding or touring enthusiasts.

Tracer 98

The crown jewel of the Tracer Series, the Tracer 98 is your everyday off-piste ski built with versatility in mind. A layer of Adaptive Mesh keeps the ride damp and stable while the beveled top-edges create a lighter ski that can handle anything your ski legs throw its way. 

For 19/20 we paired a superlight, 100% Caruba Wood core to a more durable fiberglass construction making the Tracer 98 even lighter and more durable. The quickest edge-to-edge and best performing on the hardpack the Tracer 98 is the true 1-ski quiver from resort to backcountry.

The last to be Known

It’s on the highest step, the pink cliffs, the uppermost and youngest layer exposed, with its sixty-million-year-old limestone sculptures caked in snow that interests me.

Armada Shift MNC 13 Binding

The all new Armada Shift MNC 13 bridges the gap between low tech pin bindings and traditional alpine bindings. It offers skiers the efficient performance of a pin binding when touring uphill, and the safety of a traditional alpine binding when descending.

Evers GORE-TEX® 3L Jacket & Delway GORE-TEX® 3L Pant

Our Signature Premier Performance GORE-TEX® 3L Freeride Shell. Brand new for 19/20 the Evers combines a clean, functional design with GORE-TEX® 3L fabric with GORE C-KNIT BACKER for maximum comfort and mobility. Fully featured, including 100% Seam Sealing, YKK Aquaguard Zippers, 4-Way Stretch Powder Skirt and Interior Goggle Pocket the Evers comes in a slightly longer, moderate tailored fit and is our interpretation of what a progressive, high performance Freeride Jacket can and should look like.

No Place for a man

It seems like a weird place to be skiing.