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The backcountry can provide some of the most inspiring experiences you’ll ever have on snow. On the other hand it can pose a handful of risks, PLEASE read through our 'Backcountry Safety Guide.'


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Choosing the Right Backcountry Ski Gear

When choosing the right backcountry ski gear—skis, boots, bindings, poles, etc.—the type of backcountry skiing you’re planning to do helps dictate what’s best. If you are heading out for some quick sidecountry laps from the top of a chairlift, you may be able to get by with traditional skis and bindings if your uphill travel is a short bootpack. Longer ski tours require uphill capable bindings like the Shift or Tracer Tour as well as climbing skins. A lot goes into deciding what ski gear is right for you—such as prioritizing uphill efficiency or stability when charging downhill—so be honest about what type of skiing you do most and choose your gear accordingly.


Tracer 118

The Tracer 118 is our ultimate Big Mountain performer. Elf Shoe Technology in the nose and a slight tail rocker keep things surfy, but this ski is designed with big boy terrain in mind, integrating Adaptive Mesh to absorb and power through any snow condition. For 20/21 we paired an even lighter Poplar-Caruba wood core to a larger fiberglass package to further decrease weight and add durability. 

Titanal reinforcement underfoot and AR 75 Sidewall construction keep the ski damp and powerful for when you need it most.

Tracer 118

Todd Ligare enjoying the fruits of his labor
Revelstoke, British Columbia

Tracer 108

Even though the Tracer 108 is firmly focused on outstanding downhill performance, we’re always searching for the perfect combination of weight reduction and stability in this category. That’s why for 20/21 we paired an even lighter Poplar-Caruba wood core to a larger fiberglass package resulting in further decreased weight and added durability. 

The Tracer 108 ups the performance ante with dampening Adaptive Mesh, Titanal Reinforcement underfoot and AR 75 Sidewall construction to create just the right feel whether used by freeriding or touring enthusiasts.

Tracer 108

Tracer 98

The crown jewel of the Tracer Series, the Tracer 98 is your everyday off-piste ski built with versatility in mind. A layer of Adaptive Mesh keeps the ride damp and stable while the beveled top-edges create a lighter ski that can handle anything your ski legs throw its way. 

For 20/21 we paired a superlight, 100% Caruba Wood core to a more durable fiberglass construction making the Tracer 98 even lighter and more durable. The quickest edge-to-edge and best performing on the hardpack the Tracer 98 is the true 1-ski quiver from resort to backcountry.

Tracer 98

Tracer 88

Three years ago we entered the lightweight touring game for the first time, with the goal to redefine skiability in this segment. For 20/21 the Tracer 88 has gotten a full overhaul, pushing it's limits even further. We worked on the sidecut and slightly prolonged it's radius to further add stability and refined the core profile for a more balanced flex pattern. 

Add to that the combination of EST All-Mountain Rocker, Caruba Woodcore and a snow-shedding top sheet, and the following keeps growing.

Tracer 88

Frizby Ridge

Trace 108

The Armada Trace 108 knows you have to get up to get down, featuring lightweight efficiency and the chatter dampening of Adaptive Mesh in one envy-inducing package.

Carved from backcountry pedigree with a nod to devout freeriders everywhere, the 108 weighs in light, but doesn’t leave performance to chance.

Nikki Blackall on the Trace 108

Trace 98

Cut from the same cloth as its big sister, the Trace 98 touts the same lightweight prowess with the increased maneuverability you need to slash every nook and cranny of your line. 

Built with the backcountry journey woman in mind, the 98 features metal-reinforced binding pads to absorb bumps and vibrations and provide a little extra security when looking for fresh snow beyond resort boundaries.

Trace 88

The narrowest ski in the series, the Trace 88 is our lightweight adventurer, designed to redefine skiability in this segment. For 20/21 the Trace 88 has gotten a full overhaul, pushing it's limits even further. We worked on the sidecut and slightly prolonged it's radius to further add stability, we also refined the core profile for a more balanced flex pattern. 

Combining a narrow waist width, long radius turn shape and EST All-Mountain Rocker with a 100% Caruba wood core, the Trace 88 separates itself from the pack by it’s remarkable downhill performance.


Bringing light to new heights, the ARV JJ UL floats like a butterfly and cuts like a butter knife for a definitive BC freestyle experience. The JJ UL is 25% lighter than the original JJ. With less weight through the tip and tail, the JJ UL utilizes our lightest Caruba Wood core to create a uniquely lightweight and smooth ride when the going gets deep. 

Powder hounds, this ski will move fast off the shelves so act fast and put this limited edition JJ on your feet.


The VJJ comeback is real! Enter the no gravity zone with the new ARW 116 VJJ UL. Updated with an all-new, ultralight Caruba Core the new VJJ has shed some serious weight and continues it's legacy as the most well-rounded womens powderski out there. 

Featuring EST Freeride Rocker for increased response slashing pillows or ditching trees. It's Smear Tech, 3D beveling on the tips & tails of the base, allows for limitless directions of floating off through pow, no matter the terrain.

Shift Binding

The all new Armada Shift MNC 13 bridges the gap between low tech pin bindings and traditional alpine bindings. It offers skiers the efficient performance of a pin binding when touring uphill, and the safety of a traditional alpine binding when descending. Have your cake and eat it too! 

Tracer Tour

The Tracer Tour is our lightweight tech binding. A perfect match for the Tracer/Trace Series skis when saving weight is your ultimate priority. Combining durability with ease of use it features a patented step-in aid at the front, as well as two climbing aids in the back working separately from the heel tower and allowing for 0 ° , 7 ° and 13 ° positions. A broad 40mm mounting guarantees maximum power transmission and screw retention on wide skis.


For high-performance backcountry touring the collection has all comers covered for any pre-cut Armada ski+skin combo you’re looking for. We’re rocking a 65% Mohair 35% Nylon Mix, for the durability and performance we require. Additionally we offer a MULTIFIT SKIN to fit any Armada ski and tip shape. The MULTIFIT SKIN – MULTICLIP SYSTEM comes in 135mm constant width and is 190cm long. Maximum glide, superior durability, and water resistant. Made in Austria.

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