It’s an adaptation of a short film created by Jay Electronica and The Bullits called Run and Hide (Fuir et se Cacher).

It’s an adaptation of a short film created by Jay Electronica and The Bullits called Run and Hide (Fuir et se Cacher).

The theme song of Nuance is their key track as well, Run and Hide. The narration throughout the movie by Elisa Lasowski- I was able to rearrange it to tell a little story. Both films are somewhat abstract. I was inspired by the product that is a package of contents rather than a book. So as a gift you would receive this package with all these love letters, tickets, stamps and little souvenirs from different times in the story, and you can read them in any order want to get the big picture. By the end you’re like: ‘Oh obviously this was about heartbreak, revenge, and this guy met this girl and this happened in this city and there. They had these photos taken of them, and then there was this guy, who had a sketchpad, who was a criminal. So, you put it all together yourself. Nuance is me trying to pay some homage that idea.

Phil’s process and his whole take on skiing, for me, is all in the details. I’m trying to reflect his small subtleties; of his hometown, of his skillset, his spirit and at the same time I’m trying to show that I’m trying to play ball, assimilate and learn —through Phil—and whether that’s in the smallest way. Nuance is also just another cognate… En Particulier, our previous film.

- Brady Perron


Phil's ultrasoft creative tool.

I’m really hyped on this new pro-model. It’s the first year of this new shape. We sort of merged Halos with a bit of EDOLLO and made a cross-breed. It looks and feels really nice, so far it’s my favorite ski I’ve skied on at Armada, as well as the EDOLLO. 

We tried to make it so that the flex-point gives you an advantage with the pattern of the flex, where it can pop you up, once you get to the sweet spot. We tried to focus on that and the bit of the ski that doesn’t touch the ground, so there’s more room to ski in slush and powder. It’s definitely an all-mountain ski, obviously it’s not the perfect tool for deep powder, but I’ve definitely used it in most scenarios and I got around.



Zero - Edgeless BDog

Edgeless jib ski to take on any urban feature

A big reason why Armada’s still in the game is that they’re willing to change and willing to try new, scary and mysterious avenues. They give people access to new possibilities with these tools. The Zero Series is the part of Armada that specialises in that, so there are very special tools that are rare in the ski-world. I’m so hyped on the Edgeless, they enable me to do a spot in my hometown that I’ve been looking at for seven years. Armada stuck with the idea, so I definitely appreciate that they ran with it. I’m curious to see how they’ll go, but I’m hyped that they’re willing to try things rather than just stay conservative. This game is definitely not conservative, you’ve got to change and it’s important to be creative.