Torin Yater-Wallace

“This past year filming Deviate was a special one, Jossi and I linked up to make our move from competition scene to the backcountry and it was damn fun adventure. We came in a novices and left with unforgettable memories, more knowledge of the mountains, and an addictive itch to bring our pow skiing to the next level in the years to come.”


“My two skis of choice this past winter were the ARV 116 JJ UL and the Whitewalker. Both skis are lightweight weapons in the deep snow. I prefer the JJ UL when touring and hitting smaller features where I benefit from a softer ski, and the Whitewalker for hitting bigger jumps as they are a bit stiffer but still weigh near nothing.”

It was January 5th, 2020

and we had all just touched down in Sapporo Japan

to meet up with Bull and Yohei, our longtime Armada family. 5 years had gone by but it didn't even seem like 5 days since we last saw them. This was the first shoot of the first film effort from Jossi and Torin.

nothing was going right

The lowest snow year in 60 years according to the Hokkaido news, with no snow in the forecast. But we held strong, went to the most northern tip of the island, and finally the snow gods delivered. We only had a couple days of excellent conditions, but with the skills and work ethic of guys like Torin and Jossi, that was all we would need. These guys worked like dogs day in day out up until the pandemic hit in the Spring, and the outcome is impressive. Excited to see what Torin, Jossi, and the Deviate crew do next.

Jossi & Torin
Jackson Hole

Corey & Torin

Jossi Wells

A winter for the books, full of deep snow, stomps, tomahawks, early mornings, late nights, exposed film, cold beers, rap music, stuck snowmobiles & great people. From start to finish this film has been a pleasure to create. Torin & I present to you, our most enjoyable season yet - Deviate.


*All Black & White photos by Jossi

Happy to watch Jossi and Torin’s transition

I enjoyed cutting their flick with Corey, just trying to let them shine in a new light. They have great attitudes, talent and a strong chemistry. Deviate gives a glimpse into that as well as their skills in deep snow. Solid camera work to back it!

Building with Henrik Harlaut & Crew
Jackson Hole Backcountry 

Daniel Ronnback, Photographer