Director's Cut Viewing Session of En Particulier 5/7


Catered to the press and pop mastery of Phil Casabon, the BDOG is back for 19/20 with all new construction and shape. Phil’s signature Circle Flex, super flexible tips and tails, accompanies “straight” sections in the 

sidecut where the pressing happens for maximum surface area and minimal hang-ups. Lock into that tranny in any park or urban setting, stomp, and repeat.


Arguably one of the most stylish and creative people to ever click into a pair of bindings, Phil Casabon AKA Bdog, was first picked for the Armada team by JP Auclair. 13 years later and Phil pushing the norm, winning the past 2 XGames Real Street Competition’s while putting out his own unique films each year. Helping us innovate the ski world with his new pro Model the BDog, and his brain child the Bdog Edgless in the Zero series, Phil knows what he needs to progress his skiing and we have always been there to cater his needs.

BDog Edgeless

Losing the steel edges from the BDog allows Phil to slide wood, aluminum, concrete and other surfaces not made to blend well with steel-edged skis, with full confidence. Circle Flex utilizes our durable Poplar-Ash wood core combined with a unique fiberglass layup to give the ski the softest flexing feel on the market. 

AR Freestyle Rocker and signature straight sections in the sidecut provide large surface area for all imaginable butters and presses and eat up crusty, handmade in-runs with ease. Creativity is king for Phil, and the BDog Edgeless is his new favorite tool.

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