Tanner Hall

Tanner Hall




Summer Home:


Winter Home:

On the road in his Sprinter Van

Years with Armada:

17 years

Tanner Hall, Ski Boss, a true legend inside and out of the ski industry has been with armada since the very beginning as one of our founding members. With his recent revival into the backcountry world and going into his second season of the Free Ride World Tour this year Tanner has no sign of ever slowing down. Boasting multiple Xgames medals in Slope, Pipe and Big air plus and endless number of ski movie segments, Tanner is by far one of the most Influential skiers of our time.


''I am the biggest ski Nerd Out''


What were you up to this season?

The main objective was the FWT this winter. I was going to do all five stops, but I ended up doing four. I pulled out Verbier at the end, to go back to California and take advantage of some of the snow that was falling and get some filming done. It was a tough choice, but it was the right choice because when we got to Cali it was just on and proceeded to destroy everything our path.


How was the FWT?

Being on the FWT, for the first time, it was wicked. I met a lot of new people and saw a side of our industry that I’ve never really seen before. It’s really cool, it’s a really family-oriented vibe and everybody is really stoked and looking out for each other. It’s wicked, it’s so different from what I’m used to, but such a good vibe. It doesn’t really feel like a contest, when you’re actually going through the motions. Whoever is the first one to drop, when the first person drops, it’s intense and it goes quick. It’s only one run so, by the time you’re in the start gate, you do your run and it’s over quick, but it was wicked. There’s something to be said for just visual inspection and just having one run. It shows who is the real deal out there, that can put it down at any moment, any time on anything. It’s pretty sick, I enjoyed it a lot.