ARV Joint Efforts

AR Team x Corey

In this first episode Corey Stanton worked with the whole AR team to create a tribute to an iconic collection of skis in the Armada line-up: the ARV series. All shot in one day In Kläppen in May 2019. Enjoy.

If you would have told me when I was a kid that the whole Armada crew was gonna come and ski my home resort you would have blown my mind, but here we are and it was very special

Kim Boberg

The ARV Series

The ARV SERIES is the funnest family in skiing. Built for the all-mountain, freestyle skier, the ARV Series packs performance and durability. From park, to side-, to backcountry... the ARV’s are giving skiers a step up in a step-down world.

Artwork by Joram Roukes

Joram Roukes’ work is a dark, humorous play

on topics that range from popular culture, global

affairs and personal experience. Creating juxtapositions of imagery to create abstract narratives

and figures that evoke introspection and contemplation. His work gained attention from several

international galleries like Thinkspace in Los

Angeles, StolenSpace in London among others.

He has since shown his work in Copenhagen,

Paris, Berlin, San Francisco, New York, Los

Angeles and London to name a few.

Currently, Roukes is represented by Thinkspace

Gallery (Los Angeles), StolenSpace Gallery

(London) and Galerie 42b (Paris).

Since 2015 Roukes is actively painting large

scale murals across the globe, applying his old

love of painting graffiti on a larger and more

mature scale.

ARV 116 JJ

The blueprint for any playful powderski.

The iconic Armada ARV 116 JJ continues to carve its name into ski lore, coming correct with an all-new poplar and ash wood core for increased response popping between pillow lines and tree shots.

The new JJ also adds confidence with a revamped flex profile to stiffen up tip and tail in tight conditions and no-fall zones. 3D beveling on the tips/tails of the base is brought to you through Smear Tech, allowing limitless directions of drifting/pressing and smearing as you put your signature on the mountain.

ARV Product Video

ARV 106

True one-ski-quiver, all mountain twin.

Our most versatile all-mountain freestyle ski brings an ultra-playful yet stable ride to high performance skiers tired of tossing sticks in the trash every half season.

Reinforced with AR75 Sidewall construction to absorb high speed chatter and any rail, wall, or concrete you can press them on, the Armada ARV 106 features Ash Stringers for increased pop and play. The ARV 106 is as at home surfing the white wave as it is thrashing the pro park.

The ARV 106, my ski of choice for every day that's not a pow day.

Sammy C

ARV 96

All mountain twin with park ambitions.

The ARV 96 is skiing’s ultimate handyman—no matter what you throw at it this ski will get it done.

Featuring a Poplar-Ash wood core and AR75 sidewalls, the ARV 96 delivers it’s signature versatility and a new era of all-mountain freestyle performance with the most responsive feel yet.

ARV 86

High-performance park twin.

The ARV 86 boosts the fun factor with a Poplar-Ash wood core for increased spring and confidence in the park and in the trees.

Featuring AR Freestyle Rocker and AR75 sidewall construction, the ARV 86 is built to press, butter, and smear to your heart’s content.

ARV 84

Ultra-durable, entry-level all mountain twin.

Our entry-level all-mtn freestyle twin, the ARV 84 is intentionally built to deliver all you need in a freestyle ski with nothing you don’t.

It’s heavy-duty Cap construction and 2.4 Impact Edge means you don’t have to worry about your skis when getting started in th park or hitting features all over the mountain. The ARV 84 will take as much abuse as you can, meaning it won’t break and it also won’t break the bank.