A program rooted in Armada’s founding principles, Zero is our Innovation Lab.

The driver behind this collection is the very reason Armada exists: to best serve our athletes and challenge industry standards. From helping Tof Henry design skis to redefine Big Mountain skiing, to eliminating any risk of hang-ups for BDog in his new edgeless model... Zero is but one thing only: uncompromising. From our athletes and in-house team, we’re excited to bring these ideas and experiences to a wider audience.

Declivity X

Uncompromising Big Mountain Charger

The true Mastermind behind this ski is Chamonix Local Tof Henry. When you think of Tof you think of steep, fast, demanding, high consequence lines, and Tof needed a ski from us he felt completely comfortable on to push these as fast as humanly possible. 


Tof spoke, and we listened to build this hard charging, super stable ski, with nimble maneuverability needed to access exposed and technical terrain and added versatility for when the conditions turn on. 


Ultimate powder slasher for the deepest days. 

Arguably one of the best deep snow skis ever made. First revealed in the winter of 2012, the ARG hit powder ops and deep snow regions like a mid. Winter storm. When the conditions were right, people could just not get enough of this ski. Since then the one thing we have heard non stop is to bring back this 133mm waisted masterpiece. With the new Zero Collection we couldn’t think of a better ski to resurrect. 



Lightweight and tour-able BC freestyle ski

The ARV JJ UL was the talk of the industry last year. A light, Fat, Stable, twin tip powder ski that works just as good on the way up as it does on the rip down. The one thing we didn’t realize is how much our athletes would love it. Guys like Tanner Hall and Henrik Harlaut hit the biggest BC booters of their careers on the UL. 



The lightness and the swing weight in the air is what they liked the best. The touring powder freeride ski took a whole new meaning after seeing what these guys put it through. 

ARV 96 Ti

Hard-charging titanal-infused all mountain twin.

Most people either like their skis soft, or stiff and hard charging. So why not have the best of both worlds and Ad titanal to one of our best selling skis the ARV 96. From big jumps to hard turns the TI will hold up from first chair to last call. Athletes like Quinn Wolferman and Viktor Moosman swear by it. 

BDog Edgeless

Edgeless jib ski to take on any urban feature

When Phil Casabon hits you up and tells you he needs something… you make it happen. Two years ago during the filming of his Gold Medal piece for Xgames RealSki, Phil needed and edgeless ski to hit one of his eyed out features. We turned around and made it for him and now it’s the ski every single one of our athletes want. Super soft, buttery and fun, this thing can still hold its on own turns. Just watch Luggi ski it from our Klappen Team Meeting.