Homeschool with Armada

A look back in time

During the next few weeks we’ll be re-releasing some of our favorite movies, throwing facebook watchparties with the athletes, doing live q&a’s, giving stuff away and whatever else we can think of to keep you and ourselves entertained and at home during this chaos.

We’re kicking things off with our first and only teammovie ever, OIL & WATER, screening THIS FRIDAY MARCH 20th @1pm MST on Facebook. 

Join us and chat with Phil Casabon, Mike Hornbeck, Kim Boberg and Director extraordinaire Corey Stanton. Ask smart questions, enlighten us with meaningful trivia or maybe just make us laugh and who knows, we might throw some swag in a box for ya and ship it your way. Easy as that.
Stay tuned and watch AR’s social feeds for updates on the next assignments, plenty more to come!
Home school can be a dark and lonely place, let’s see if we can’t make it better.
Below you’ll find a behind the scenes look at creating our short film from 2014 Oil & Water, and a ton of accompanying content that never really ended up anywhere.



                  Henrik in New Zealand

JP Auclair

Original oil and water tests we filmed in studio at the Costa Mesa HQ that we would use for  the projections and graphics


Henrik in New Zealand

On set

Director Corey Stanton

Cordova on set making magic

We went deep into a Tahoe tunnel 

Cave Dwellings

After we had filmed some Oil and Water mixing in the studio at the office in Costa Mesa, we headed up to Tahoe to shoot the opening. We found a train tunnel that we projected the images onto to create some abstract imagery as well as the park at Woodward Tahoe. Art Director Mackel Vaughn behind the projector.

Double page ads we ran for the 14/15 season