Noah Albaladejo

Noah Albaladejo


Years with Armada:

3 years

What do you want Armada to be?

I want it to be what it’s always been , the company and family representing the sport the right way.


Armada’s role in the industry?

I think its flavour and the way it looks/does things and the way they approach skiing, to give it to the public and the followers/fans.


When you were younger was it an ambition to get on Armada?

It maybe wasn’t the main ambition, but it was always in my head. You always have companies that you’d like to represent, as a skier. It’s not like you think every day about: ‘how am I going to make it to this company?’, but it’s always in your head. ‘I would feel so good with that on’ or  ‘I’d love to be part of that company. It would be a dream.’


Goals in your ski career?

For sure, the main goal is to always be loyal and committed to skiing. The more specific goals would be: a street part that I’m really stoked on.