Triumph, Hereafter, In the Meantime Live on Youtube with THall 5/14

Magic J

As one of Armada’s co-founders, Tanner Hall, continues to push the boundaries of skiing from urban to powder, the Armada Magic J remains his go-to tool in deep and challenging conditions. Utilizing tip and tail rocker and a stiffer flex pattern the Magic J remains predictable and confident in whatever you throw at it. 

The 127mm wide Magic J remains the ultimate soft snow ski.

Tanner Hall

Tanner Hall, Ski Boss, a true legend inside and out of the ski industry has been with armada since the very beginning as one of our founding members. With his recent revival into the backcountry world and going into his second season of the Free Ride World Tour this year Tanner has no sign of ever slowing down. Boasting multiple Xgames medals in Slope, Pipe and Big air plus and endless number of ski movie segments, Tanner is by far one of the most Influential skiers of our time.

Icon Hoodie

The classic Armada Hoodie Classic and timeless, because age doesn’t count on the slopes and your style stays submerged in the fountain of youth. The Icon Hoodie has been in our line since day one, and for good reason.

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