Quinn Wolferman

Quinn Wolferman

Summer Home:


Winter Home:

Park City Utah

Years with Armada:

3 years

Was it always an ambition to get on the Armada team?

Oh yeah, it was THE goal. Pretty much only super solid goal, obviously I had goals in skiing, but when it came to companies. I had a few sponsorship offers before I had gotten on Armada. I mean I was unsponsored —for skis—until I was 18, a lot of people get given skis when they’re like 14/15 and I had some promo codes from Armada so I was always on Armadas. I luckily got my first pair of skis from Josh Bishop, he ended up leaving. Then Dan took over, which was super lucky. That was always the ultimate goal, I’ve just always liked the vibe and everything Armada brings to the table. I’ve really wanted to ride for Armada from the beginning.

What do you think Armada’s role in the industry is?

I think their role is just setting the standard. Not necessarily for  ‘what’s cool’ because everybody can do something cool and really respectable, but I think that it’s just our consistency. Year after year, you know that Armada’s going to have awesome projects coming out, skis and everything, with their name attached to it. I think it’s just the consistency.