Maude Raymond

Maude Raymond


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Montreal & Everywhere

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Years with Armada:

12 years

To be blunt, Maude Raymond is one of the most stylish skiers to ever hit the snow. Moving her focus to the BC Maude has been pushing women’s skiing for years. She’s creative, passionate, and truly in love with skiing in every single way. Making the move to live out her new VW to chase waves during the summer and moving back full time in the mountains now that she's graduated. We couldn’t be more stoked to celebrate another year with Maad Maude on the squad.


How was this season?

To be really honest, this season I’ve been focusing on not putting too much on my plate. I’ve been focusing on skiing again with less fear. I’ve had the craziest stories, the last three years. Bad Luck, over bad luck over bad luck and I had some pretty gnarly injuries. So this year, instead of starting a lot of projects and making a lot of plans, I tried to go somewhere, stay there for a longer and actually really improve my skiing. It was the first time in three years, that my body allows me to ski with no pain in my knees and that was awesome. I’ve just been focused on getting better at skiing, getting more comfortable and starting to feel good skiing again.

I went to Japan for a month. With Tof and Daniel for the first few days and then with other friends –Oyuki. We filmed and it was nice, there wasn’t a day that we didn’t have deep pow. It was my 5th time in Japan, in a row, because it’s a good place to go while you’re injured. It’s mellow and you know you’ll have snow without too much work. Japan was really good and then Whistler, just back to the roots. It was good to see everyone and ski all kinds of terrain, from pow to just carving and the slope made so happy.

I know that I’m going to Chamonix next winter. I really want to go there and ski some steeper stuff. That’s where I’m at, I’m finally feeling good to do more and improve. I’m going to go to Chamonix with Coco, Henrik’s girlfriend, we just spoke about it. I want to go with Tof too, so I’ll do that and then we’ll see. I have a few projects in mind and a lot of things I want to do, we’ll just wait and see.


What do you want Armada to be?

I want Armada to continue being unique. I think it’s so important that Armada knows who they  are, really, and for what reason. I think Armada need to define their identity 100%, but they’re already doing that. Once we know exactly who we are, not where we stand in the industry, but who we are and who they are, I think that’s where we’ll be very solid and we’ll stay unique, who we are, creative and why it started in the first place. If there’s something I really want, and I can get very emotional about it, I just want a program for women’s skiing, there’s nothing. That’s ok, I’m not a feminist, I’m not that kind of girl that’ll scream: ‘we need something for women!’ I don’t want to divide, I don’t want to be separate. I just want a program that’ll allow us to grow as well, I feel that I can’t grow anymore. I feel I’m there and   I’ve been at a point for the last four or five years, not me personally, just within Armada. So that’s where it is now, but if I could simplify it: it would be cool to see Armada go in a direction that has space for women.

I never saw myself as a woman skier, I just saw myself as a skier. As a human, somebody that wants to be part of skiing. Part of the mountain and part of the culture. I wanted to contribute my way, the best I can, in my creative way. Clearly I’ve had some setbacks that didn’t let go full on 100%, but I’ve always been there and I’ve never seen myself as just a woman. I am obviously, but I never stopped myself. Being a woman, I never saw that as a limitation, ever.