Armada Dealer call-out: BLUE TOMATO

OCT 17, 2019

Armada Dealer call-out: BLUE TOMATO

OCT 17, 2019

OCT 17, 2019

Behind the Scenes

In this section we’ll present you some selected retailers that in our eyes, in one way or another, stand out from the crowd. To get things started we decided to have a closer look at Blue Tomato, a key player in supporting the freeski movement from the very beginning.

Unbelievable but true – Blue Tomato has been around for over 30 years.

Blue Tomato was founded in 1988 when European snowboard champion Gerfried Schuller opened his Snowboard school at a time where board sports barely existed on our side of the pond. Just a few years later the first shop followed, offering snowboard products in the Schladming region.

Blue Tomato Shop Schladming 2000 | Blue Tomato Shop Amsterdam 2019

The Styrian soon recognized the great sales potential of the Internet and went online in 1997 with his website and has since developed the brand into one of the leading Omni-Channel retailers of the industry. Today Blue Tomato counts close to 50 shops in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Netherlands and Finland.

BT's early web shop: state of the art back in the days // BT's webshop nowadays

In 2012 Blue Tomato was acquired by the US action sports retailer Zumiez. Zumiez has more than 600 shops in the USA and Canada. Both companies are now working together, combining their passion for action sports.



Blue Tomato is the retailer of choice for people who seek to express themselves, want to have unique experiences and be a part of the community that loves snowboarding, freeskiing, surfing, skateboarding and street style. We deliver the best selection of high quality products, brands and trends, a seamless shopping experience and always try to keep business fun. We are authentic, trustworthy and accessible because we share our first-hand knowledge and work hand in hand with the community to support and grow the sports and lifestyles that we love. We create opportunities for our customers and ourselves to grow, have new experiences and live our passion.


Blue Tomato has been a loyal partner to Armada since we started to expand on European territory. The authenticism and experience they bring to the table led to a strong relationship between the companies.

“Having been a standalone brick and mortar store before launching their own online store, allowed them to truly be a specialist in the online market. This, on top of the fact Gerfried launched the online store towards the end of the dotcom bubble, is a testament to their know how and authentic connections to the sports they play in.”

Armada co-founder and GM Hans Smith recalls

“BT was originally known as a snowboard specialist and, fortunately for us, they transitioned to include ski products, which helped legitimize the whole freestyle movement. With support from retailers like BT, freeskiing, and skiing as a whole quite frankly, finds itself in a better place than it would otherwise.”

Armada’s GM Hans Smith, our first office in Costa Mesa, California & Gerfried Schuller "The flying boss in the 80's"

“Years ago Gerfried was visiting California and swung by the Armada office which was in Costa Mesa, Ca. at the time. There happened to be a good south swell lining up and he and I nailed a few sessions at locations that picked up the particular direction of that swell really well. From business, to skiing and snowboarding and surfing, there was an instant connection that really drove a relationship between our two brands that continues to thrive today.”

The Blue Tomato Timeline… a true success story

Go and check out the Armada brand store on the Blue Tomato shop: BT x Armada