Provo Bros Week

Tracer 108

Even though the Tracer 108 is firmly focused on outstanding downhill performance, we’re always searching for the perfect combination of weight reduction and stability in this category. That’s why for 19/20 we paired an even lighter Poplar-Caruba wood core to a larger fiberglass package resulting in further decreased weight and added durability.

 The Tracer 108 ups the performance ante with dampening Adaptive Mesh, Titanal Reinforcement underfoot and AR 75 Sidewall construction to create just the right feel whether used by freeriding or touring enthusiasts.

Ian Provo

To be honest, we don’t think we have ever seen Ian Provo get on a chair lift. His life is the epitome of working for your line. Based in Park City Utah, Ian knows the Uinta and Wasatch Mtn range like the back of his hand. Whether is on a sled a fat bike or camping in the middle of now where Ian puts in more work than anyone we know to get that specific line crossed off on his bucket list.

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