Finding The Right Ski

AUG 13, 2019

Finding The Right Ski

AUG 13, 2019

AUG 13, 2019

There are 3 main skier types that Armada designs skis for. They are: Freestyle/ Freeski, All Mountain On Piste and All Mountain Off Piste.

Identify your skier type

Freestyle / Freeski

These skiers have a playful riding style and like to hit jumps, do butters, and ski backwards. They ski the whole mountain, on and off piste, and value a ski that is lively and playful.  These skiers typically have a more centered mounting position on their skis.

All Mountain Piste

These skiers spend most of their time skiing on groomers and firmer snow.  They may live in a place that rarely has soft snow, such as the east coast of the US and Canada.  These skiers have a more traditional skiing style.  So, they are not too interested in skiing backwards, jumping and doing freestyle tricks. They value a ski that is stable and holds an edge well when carving a turn.  These skiers have a more traditional mounting position that will be closer to the tail of their skis.

All Mountain Off Piste

These skiers also have a more traditional riding style, so they are not too interested in skiing backwards and doing freestyle tricks.  They are interested in venturing off trail to ski in the trees, ski tour or ski fast and aggressively in big mountain terrain.  These skiers have a more traditional mounting position that will be closer to the tail of their skis.

Skier Skill level:

It is important to take into consideration a skiers skill level when selecting a ski.  Someone who is just getting started skiing will appreciate a ski that is a bit narrower underfoot and shorter in length.  A narrower ski will make turn initiation faster and a shorter ski will have a smaller turning radius.Advanced and intermediate skiers will start to develop a preference for the performance characteristics they want in their skis in respect to width and length. Shorter length skis will be lively, playful and quick turning, while longer length skis will be stable and confident at high speeds and are capable of making long GS style turns.  Narrower skis will hold an edge well on hard snow, while wide skis will perform well in soft snow and fresh powder. 

The graphic below should give you a basic idea of how to select ski size; taking skill and height into consideration. Keep in mind that more intermediate to advanced skiers should develop a ski size preference based on the skiing characteristics they would like from their skis.

After you have established skier type and skill level, you can start to consider models from our various collections.  We currently offer 5 collections of skis that are ideal for several types of skiers. These collections are our ARV/ ARW, Tracer/ Trace, Invictus/ Victa, Signature Series and Zero collections.


Our ARV models are designed to be versatile Freestyle skis.  These skis are rooted in freestyle skiing and have a more centered mounting position that makes them ideal for skiers who like to ski backwards often.  These skis are designed to be lively and fun.  The narrower skis in this line will be ideal for park/ all mountain, and the wider models in these lines will be more ideal forsoft snow/ powder skiing. 

Invictus / Victa:

Our Invictus line up has a more traditional mounting point that is closer to the tail of the ski.  This makes them more ideal for traditional all mountain skiers who ski forwards most of the time.  If you spend most of you time skiing groomers and on Piste, then these skis will be ideal for you.  As these models get wider, they become more versatile in softer snow and off-piste conditions. Several of our Invictus and Victa models features our Ti construction. All of our Ti models have two sheets of Titanal metal in the core of the ski.  These sheets of Titanal metal add stability at high speeds, ideal for hard charging aggressive skiers.

Tracer/ Trace:

Our Tracer line also has a more traditional or directional sidecut but with a little bit more rocker and sidecut taper in the nose of the ski.  This design makes it a great choice for traditional skiers who are more focused on skiing off piste.  The narrower skis in this line are ideal for ski touring and the wider models will be more ideal for Freeride skiers.

Signature Series:

Our Signature models are designed by our team riders to their exact specifications. 

Zero Series: 

Our Zero Line represents our innovation lab.  This is where we showcase our latest innovations and experimental designs.  Each model in the Zero line is designed for a different discipline in skiing.  These skis are sold exclusively through select retail shops. You can use our dealer locator to find a Zero Dealer in your area.  

Ski Matrix: