Outerwear Guide

AUG 12, 2019

Outerwear Guide

AUG 12, 2019

AUG 12, 2019

Armada offers a variety outerwear pieces that each provide a special mix of technical features. These features make them unique and appropriate for each skier’s individual needs; influencing how warm, waterproof, and breathable a jacket or pant will be.

Customers are always asking us, “How warm is this jacket going to be?”

The best way to determine how warm a garment will be is to look at the amount of insulation that is has.  Our Baxter Insulated Jacket features more insulation than any other jacket we offer. The Baxter Insulated has 80g of polyfill insulation in the body of the jacket with 60g Polyfill in the hood. This makes it our warmest Jacket. Every jacket and pant that we sell that features insulation, will have the word insulation in its title.  The type of skier who seeks insulation in their outerwear is typically a resort skier who spends lots of time on cold chairlifts and in long lift lines. Designed for warmth and comfort, even if you are not exerting yourself too hard on the mountain. 

On the other end of the spectrum, we sell many jackets and pants that feature no insulation.  These are commonly referred to as shell jackets and pants.  Their lack of insulation does not make them an inferior product.  Not having insulation can make a jacket more versatile for the skier.  When insulated jackets are always warm, shell jackets will allow the skier to cool down and vent off heat when their body is hot from aerobic activity.  When paired with the correct layering piece, they can retain heat well, and provide superior protection from the elements in the harshest conditions.  The type of skier who purchases a shell will likely layer their jacket and pants differently depending on the weather and the type of activity they plan on doing.  On a cold day skiing the resort, they may pair their shell jacket with our super warm 60g insulated Gremlin layer.  On a mild weather day ski touring, they may pair their same shell jacket with our lightweight non-insulated Rotor LT layer.

Our  GORE-TEX®  shells jackets and pants are our most technically advanced garments.  GORE-TEX® products GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY™. This superior performance makes them ideal for freeride and backcountry skiers whose body temperature fluctuates often, while being exposed to a variety of harsh conditions.



The AR Family has evolved into a diverse group of people and our Freeride Outerwear reflects that. Drawing inspiration from our athletes, the freeride collection focuses on finding a balance between functional, high-end performance and designs. Skiers can drive through any terrain while staying dry and comfortable. 


Freestyle skiing is our heritage. Our SG freestyle collection takes us back to these roots. By keeping the apparel creative and lightweight, freestyle skiers have the freedom to express themselves in the park and all over the mountain.




  • Jacket: An articulated cut to improve mobility when skiing and hiking. Slightly narrower at the hem and forearm 

  • Pant: A more articulated cut to improve mobility when high stepping, touring and skiing

Moderate Tailored:

  • Jacket: moderate in width and length, this fit has light tailoring for a trimmer silhouette and an additional 1-2’ in length 

  • Pant: moderate tailoring that tapers to an articulated knee to optimize mobility in a fashion forward cut.

Moderate Tailored Long/Slim: 

  • Jacket: same as out Moderate Tailored fit with an additional 2-3’ in length 

  • Pant: slim through the legs and hips with a relaxed waist.