athlete torin yater wallace
Torin Yater-Wallace
Summer Home:
Aspen, CO
Winter Home:
Aspen, CO
Years with Armada:
13 Years
Athlete Story

The young Aspen Prodigy has grown, and with years of experience and medals under his belt decided to change it up this year. Taking a break from the competition scene and moving into the world of powder we can't wait to see what Torin is going to pull off this season.

“The top Billboard song the year I was born was Gangsters Paradise”

It’s been insane. It’s not often that the whole Armada squad gets to link up like this. For me it’s just a pleasure to be part of such a crazy team that’s stacked with so many legendary riders. To get everybody in the same place, skiing together for a week, it’s crazy. The energy’s high and there’s just nonstop skiing. It’s just good catching up with a lot of people that we’ve kind of become family throughout the years of skiing and traveling together. 

 It’s been a good ride, I was thinking about it the other day and this is my ninth-year riding for Armada. My first trip I was 14, so coming together for all these trips and spending time with people that I grew up with or who saw me grow up. It’s definitely become a family. It’s crazy.


That first trip I went on was the same energy, but in a different sense. I was 14, first time meeting Kim, I’d met Hornbeck before, but meeting all the boys at Armada, so to kind of come full circle, I don’t think I could have foreseen the future that I’d be with such a cool brand, especially one that I’m such a huge fan of, for this many years. It’s an honour to be out there on these trips, with such a special company, that I’m such a huge fan of. If I didn’t for them, I think what Armada’s done for the freeskiing community is something super-special. Rider owned and built and where we’re at now, obviously they’re part of a bigger brand now, but I don’t think that sense of family and camaraderie has really gone anywhere. It’s very apparent out here.

Torin Yater-Wallace's Gear

    ARV 116 JJ


      Icon Hoodie


        Staple Beanie