athlete phil casabon
Phil Casabon
Summer Home:
Vallée du Parc, QC
Winter Home:
Vallée du Parc, QC
Years with Armada:
16 Years
Athlete Story

Arguably one of the most stylish and creative people to ever click into a pair of bindings, Phil Casabon AKA Bdog, was first picked for the Armada team by JP Auclair. 13 years later and Phil pushing the norm, winning the past 2 XGames Real Street Competition’s while putting out his own unique films each year. Helping us innovate the ski world with his new pro Model the BDog, and his brain child the Bdog Edgless in the Zero series, Phil knows what he needs to progress his skiing and we have always been there to cater his needs.

What inspired the Edgeless?

What inspired it was the street spots around my town and just enabling me to do tricks easier and make them look better with less effort than a ski with edges would. Also preventing possible injuries that might occur if the edges were there.

“Working ensemble with trustworthy friendz is an essential piece, for a good turnout, in the hostile environment that street skiing may be.” -Phil Casabon