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It’s easy to say, no one loves skiing as much as Henrik Harlaut. Edollo has been pushing the physics of skiing and doing the unthinkable year after year in the contest scene and still putting out banger segments to top it off. In the past 8 years we have never seen Henrik take a break from skiing and that’s why he is considered a true legend in the sport.


Are solo-ski-movies the future?

I see both, I’m a huge fan of movies collaborating all talents and there are so many good skiers, I definitely really enjoy watching that. The main reason why I’ve done a little bit more of the personal projects has been because I’ve been, pretty much, on my own schedule. I would have loved to be shot with more people, I had the honour to shoot with people, but it’s been different people in all these different places, just not for the main film’s. But definitely both, because it’s easier to do the personal project, you can just go off your own schedule and plan your own moves, instead of following a full group. I hope the whole concept of everybody getting together for one project, I hope that stays as well. I definitely enjoy watching that and I would like to participate that in as well. I’d like to see a balance between both is good to see, I think everything has a place. When it’s a big happening or event like this (Kimbo/Armada) I think it’s the best, because everybody gets together and we can come up with something bigger than what one person could come up with by themselves. I also think it’s cool when someone goes out, by themselves, and when we get together later in the season, we can see what they got to do when they were on their own. Like Candide, for example, he’s been pretty much by himself his whole career, but is still one of my favourite people to watch skiing. Then there are all these other skiers that have never put anything by themselves and I enjoy watching just as much. It’s just whatever fits the concept and project.

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