SNOWCIETIES Episode 2: Sapporo

18:06 Reading time: 15 minutes

Over 15 feet of snowfall? That’s just an average winter for the two million inhabitants of Sapporo, Japan – perhaps the snowiest metropolis on Earth. In SNOWCIETIES Episode 2, AR Family members Phil Casabon, Mike Hornbeck, Kim Boberg and Riley Leboe explore how one of Japan’s biggest cities handles one of the world’s snowiest climates.

Together with their Japanese Armada counterparts, T-Crew, Phil, Mike and Kim shred every corner of Sapporo’s snowy terrain, from resort and roadside powder skiing to the city’s nitty-gritty urban scene. No language barrier can keep this crew from showing how well their style complements each other – as T-Crew member and Armada rider Yoshiya “Bull” Urata explains, “Even though our words don’t always translate well, our ski styles translate.”