The Kid Did It Again

10:42 Reading time: 15 minutes

Tanner hall comes back with another instant classic. ‘Here After’ follows Tanner through his 17/18 season, filled with banger after banger this is one you’ll want to watch more than once.

From one of the heaviest street segments we have ever seen Tanner put out, too months of backcountry from his home state of Montana, Tanner was stronger than ever and had one of the best seasons of his life.

Tanner has one of the biggest quivers out of any of our athletes and you can see this throughout the new flick. His weapon of choice is always his signature ski, The Magic J, but Tanner switched it up a bit more this year and can be seen crushing our all new Zero ARV 116 UL. He was stoked on the light weight design and preferred the ARV 116 UL for jumps over anything else.

Tanner still isn’t slowing down. He is tackling an all new aspect of skiing this year and we are stoked to see his unique style in a whole different discipline of skiing. Don’t miss Tanner on the Free Ride World Tour starting in a few months!