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There’s one thing you probably know, Henrik is no stranger to the podium. Last year was no exception to that. First up was December’s Dew Tour, in Breckenridge Colorado. Dollo rolled into finals with ease, then secured gold with an insane score of 95. Starting out the run with a mind-blowing left lip rodeo 450 safety backslide, and finishing off with an insane triple 1620.

Fast Forward a couple months to X-Games Aspen. With a slope course that was practically made for the signature Dollo style. Throwing down one of the sickest runs Aspen has ever seen, Dollo came through on his final run to secure an X-Games gold medal. Less than 24 hours later, Dollo did what very few have done before, earning a second gold medal with two of the gnarliest triples of all time in X-Games Big Air.

Then on to one of everyone’s favorite events of the year, SLVSH cup. Held at Henrik’s home park in Andorra, Dollo was fired up and ready to go. Henrik seemed to make it through to finals with ease and paired up against another Armada Rider Quinn Wolferman. Watch the full game here because this is to epic to even talk about.

Henrik’s weapon of choice, his pro model aptly named “EDOLLO”. After being unchanged for years, mostly because Henrik loved it so much, Armada’s ski engineers and Henrik made a few small changes to make it even better. Longer sidewall makes the ski more solid while adding a touch of stiffness to the tail, makes this beast solid on almost any landing. Still with a perfect swing weight to get those triple 16’s around and strong enough to take a beating the “Edollo ski might be one of the best out. Learn more about the EDOLLO here.