Dew Tour Recap

10:52 Reading time: 5 minutes

Missed the live stream of Dew Tour 2017? Don’t worry, we got you. The results are in & the Armada Team CRUSHED it!

  • Henrik Harlaut topped the Men’s Pro Ski Slopestyle with a 95
  • The Armada Team took 2nd in the Team Challenge
  • Torin landed in 4th on the Men’s Halfpipe

Henrik put down a perfect run and did it with the EDOLLO style that no skier can replicate. Check out the full results here. The Armada Team was in full force for the team challenge & took 2nd in the challenge. Tanner Hall caught footage of the Armada Team on the Dew Tour Followcams that you gotta check out too.

It’s undeniable that Armada is the dopest team in skiing. From Day 1 Armada was poised to adapt the team-based model of snowboarding and skateboarding to a ski brand, and this crew showed what skiing has become…Armada. This is Armada.