AR Family: Tanner Hall “NEW BEGINNING”

18:00 Reading time: 8 minutes

Legend. Pioneer. Icon. Renegade. Whatever you want to call Tanner, no one has moved the needle of skiing’s look and style more over the last 15 years – at once becoming the face of modern skiing while refusing to conform to any image of a sterile, glossy spokesman for it. Nor has anyone been a bigger part of Armada: Tanner’s been down since Day 1 as one of our company’s founders.

After accomplishing nearly everything he could in park, pipe and big air, skiing’s lion has more recently lit up film screens and Instagram feeds by bringing his one-of-a-kind ability to big mountain riding.

“There’s nothing worse in this life than
a wasted try or a wasted talent”

Tanner Hall

“There’s nothing worse in this life than a wasted try or a wasted talent,” Tanner once told us – an apt explanation for the visible passion in his skiing.

Who better, then, to kick off the new AR Family web series with? On his last day in his Park City home before leaving to start his life’s next chapter, one of skiing’s most powerful forces – and unapologetic voices – reflected on his personal and professional journey, and why now is “just the beginning” for him.