Joint Efforts Vol. 3

Spencer Milbocker - Principle Cinematographer

We weren’t sure what angle we wanted to take to create this freestyle outwear video so we stuck to our roots and decided put a twist on the editing of the project by using a lot of frames in frames. By doing that it helped us to showcase each freestyle outerwear piece more but at the same time not take away from the quality of skiing. It’s always great to work with Mike and he continues to blow my mind with how much he can get done in such little time. This piece is full of Grade A Hornbeck flavor and is complimented by an awesome funky custom track. Those two things in combination make for another pleasing watch that is sure to not disappoint. And if you’re like me, you can never get enough Hornbeck content. He continues to ski at the top level and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, he’s like fine wine - only gets better with age as the flavor becomes bolder and more rich.

Hornbeck Williams Players

In 2019, we formed the Hornbeck Williams Players with the goal of providing grassroots complementary artistic expression for Mike Hornbeck's skiing. I having been fortunate to ski with Mike and be involved with Armada since its inception, so the project has been an absolute honor and pleasure for me to be a part of.

The musical section has been spearheaded by myself, Evanomics, and Matt Stokke Esq, with input and oversight from the Man himself throughout the entire process. We took inspiration from images created by master lensman, Hornbeck confidant, and fellow WIlliams Player, S du Millbocker of Grand Rapids fame, to engage in writing a musical homage to Mike's signature unmistakeable style.

The piece originated from a funky guitar sketch of mine that was then further developed into a proper song with Matt's creative guidance. We then hand picked some other players to perform with, finally capturing the whole sonic experience at the Compound Studio in Long beach, CA. The crew came together like a greased up YKK zipper and successfully kicked out the jam in a single, nonstop, 8 hour day.

Ultimately I think the theme of all this is to reinforce that you should do what you love, do your best, do it with with friends, and have fun. Thanks to Mike, Corey, Armada, and all others who have made this endeavor possible.

Live Score for the Film Premier