Sammy Carlson

Sammy Carlson


Summer Home:

Chasing Waves

Winter Home:

The Great White North

Years with Armada:

6 years

Sammy Carlson has one of the most unique styles in skiing. From a mellow beginning in the park doing the world’s first- ever triple cork, to walking away from the park and competition scene completely to peruse a new career as one of the world’s best BC skiers, Sammy has always turned the ski industry on its head. With a major surf inspired skiing style, Sammy looks at the mountain different than anyone else. Going against the grain, against the fall line to produce some of the most iconic backcountry segments anyone has ever seen.


What do you want Armada to be?

I want Armada —as a brand—to  keep being innovative, I’d like the art to continue being  a strong influence and just continue being a leading brand. In skiing—just continue pushing the sport with shapes and keep skiing fun. I want Armada to keep skiing fun and keep it funky.


What’s Armada’s role in the industry?

They’re one of the first rider-driven brands, where they really focus on freeskiing and real core ski brand. So I think Armada’s role is to stay true to the freestyle and freeski world of skiing. They’re innovative, they’re edgy and it makes skiing cool. It’s not your traditional ski brand, they’re a bit more funky and bit more wild. I think their role in skiing is to keep it fun and keep the heritage alive. I think there’s so much heritage and history within the brand, I feel Armada’s the root of freeskiing.